You live to amuse me and you’ll do all kinds of disgusting, degrading, dehumanizing and vile things, just to get a speck of my attention. So I have a special week long assignment for fuckers like you. Chronic masturbators like you have to do something with all of that cum. I’m sure you’ve got all kinds of crusty socks, sheets and tissues just covered with your disgusting jizz. But this week you’re going to be eating every last drop. I’m going to let you jerk and cum every day this week, the only catch is that each day, you’re going to have to eat it in a different way for me.

A Week Of Daily Degrading CEI Assignments
This is not for cum eating instruction beginners. This clip is for real cum play enthusiasts. For those of you who have a real fetish for the sticky stuff. You know what I mean - you love watching bukkake scenes, you fantasize about drinking cum from a condom of another man, you store up multiple loads to gulp down and marinate your tongue in.

Cum Popsicle CEI
You have 30 days of spunk saved up? Your genes are tainted, so you need to keep them to yourself. I'm going to have you dispose of ALL that worthless sperm.

I know you’ve spent plenty of wank sessions fantasizing about tasting your own cum, overwhelmed by the eroticism until you pop. But then you chicken out, don’t you? Not today. Today you’re going to follow through, just for me. I’ll have you so worked up it will be impossible to resist. All you’ll need is a shot glass.

Cum Eating Seduction
my idea is that I'm a sissy and your going to take me out to the club to find some cock. You tell me to get dressed up in some slutty lingerie, slutty dress, thigh highs and heals. After I'm all dressed you tell me how slutty i look and tell me how we are going to grind our asses on guys to get them hard and find the biggest cocks. You see that I'm getting hard and tell me we cant have that at the club so you have me jerk off while sucking a dildo.

Taking Sissy Out
Today I am going to make you feel like the dirtiest, sluttiest little cum slut. First, you're going to stroke it for me.. making it nice and hard. You're going to jerk to my perfect tits and body and when I give you the countdown to blow your load, you are going to shoot it all over your face...

The Dirtiest Cum Slut
You love cum don't you? you love it so fucking much. you want this dick in your face, kneeling before Me, sucking on it and begging for a nice big load in your faggot face. don't you? tell Me how badly you want it.

Yum Yum, Cum!
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