A long-awaited CEI brainwash, by request.

Trance: Cum Junkie Subliminal Retraining
Enough to fill your glass and guzzle it all down. And once you've eaten all your cum you can relax.

Milking The Cow
Cum in your hand…and eat it.

Eat your cum for me…
3 minutes of Me teasing you in this shiny, teeny-tiny, red bikini will be all you need to completely blow your load.

3 Minute Cummer
You force me to blow my pathetic load into the condom and measure both before you pour both loads into the crotch of your creamy panties before you make me lick them all clean.

Is it in?
I'll make you cum right on your stupid face and laugh at you for being such a fucking weirdo!

Cum Facial Humiliation
You know what though, why don't we play a little game. Since I have your attention now you could be in so much trouble!

CEI for Daddy
You know that I am going to make you eat it, but you have no idea how or what surprise I have in store for you.

Cum Eating and a Ruined Orgasm
Do it as I say boy, worship me and cover your face in cum then lick it drop by drop.

Cover Your Face In Cum
The title pretty much says it all. Cum hungry? Got a condom? Alright, then lets play.

Jizz in the condom and eat it
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