Eating your cum is difficult, isn`t it? You always want to do it, but when you cum... things change immediately. Well loser, it is time to learn your place and to ignore your feelings. Today I will make you so weak that you WILL swallow it in the end.

Taste what a loser is - CEI
Do you actually think little sissy bitches like you are worthy of fucking a real pussy? Not a chance! All you get is your own hand or maybe a pillow to hump.

Pussy pillow humper
I know how much you love to jerk off and I know how full your balls are getting, I know how turned on you get when I tease you about how much those balls ache to release all that sticky cum, haha! But you have to just stay on edge… unless, haha… well, there is one way I might let you cum!

Edge Or Eat It Ultimatum

This is a clip designed for boys who have a difficult time eating their cum. We both know you want to do it. You dream about it, fantasize about it, you even jerk off to it.

Sensual Haze CEI
Kendra has just fucked her slut in the ass. Now she has him flipped over and demands that he jerk off on his face. She wants to watch her bitch shower himself with his own male filth.

Cum on your face by Kendra
What is better than making a cumslut swallow his own filthy load? Making him swallow TWO filthy loads, the second while the first one sits in his cumdumpster mouth! You'll do it. You'll eat them both. You'll stroke your dick with the lingering taste of cum as you pump out a hot, new, fresh load!

Double Cum
Let me tease you, tease you so deeply that the only thing you'll desire is to eat your own cum. I'll tease you so seductively that you'll crave the taste. I'll encourage you and you'll do as you're told.

CEI - My Cum Eating Puppet

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