You trust me, worship me, and you'd do just about anything for me. That includes sucking my strap-on.

Super Faggot: The Forced Awaken
All guys like to watch porn and see guys with big dicks cum all over the girls face. I've been in plenty of kinky videos like that.

Self Facial Review
I'll have you right where I want you, legs over head BEGGING to eat it for Me. Open up wide and get ready to swallow!

Beg to Eat it for Me, CEI Addict!
Please give me a count down at the end and as you reach 1 demand that I swallow my cum!

Forced to Swallow CEI
I know you're a little virgin jerk-a-holic. You're addicted to my ass and you're going to stay that way loser!

Assume the loser position
For today's JOI exercise you will need 7 days of cum saved up and frozen.

Dip and Lick
Ugh! Where are they? You know what I'm talking panties! I know you stole them again. You are the worst brother ever!

Cum For Big Sister
Please be as bratty as possible while mocking the viewer and showing your baby bump.

Your punishment for being WHITE!
How many cum loads HAVE you eaten? You can't even count, can you?

It's time for games. My games that you will follow...

Ruin It and Eat It
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