How bad do you want to cum?? Mistress Christie keeps her slaves on edge and sexually frustrated until they are begging for permission to cum. If he wants have his cock milked he will have to do it the slave way by swallowing his entire load.

Choke Down Your Cum
Hey there cum slut. I've got a real treat for you this week. I want you to cum 14 times this week. you will get a container with a lid and will add each new ejaculate to it.

14 Loads in 7 Days
Make sure you already have a load saved up before you watch this! I know you horny cum slurpers are always reluctant to actually go through with eating your jizz after you cum.

Perpetual CEI
Don't worry; I'll be gentle. I know this is your first time... you're a complete virgin... and that excites me so much! It's such a turn on to be asked to share in and witness your own first-time experience. Or do you just want to feel like it's your first time all over again? Think about it now... your very first taste of your own cum!

Coaxing You through your Very First Taste of your Own Cum
I hope u have them all saved up, thawed out and ready for My instructions. I expect that u have purchased the cum eating instructions clip posted previously.

Lots of Cum Loads
Even though you love fantasizing about eating your own jizz, and despite the fact that you've bought CEI clip after CEI clip, you can just never manage to actually follow through with the instructions.

Cum Eating Convincing
Mistress Lexi wants to see how much of a horny slut you have become from undergoing your slave training.

Cum Eating Instruction POV
You want to do something different. Something hot and kinky. Well, I have an idea. You can eat your own cum for me!

Kinky Cum Eater
I know what you like to do for Me.. you like to be a good boy and stroke just the way I tell you to. Today you’re going to be an EXTRA good jerkoff boi for Me by flipping your legs over your head and eating your own cum.

Jerkoff Boi Eats His Cum
Its that time of day! And once again here you are with your dick in hand ready to wank to me. Im so fucking hot I bet I could make you do anything I say even if that requires you squirting your jizz all over your face for me :)

Milky Facial
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