I want you to train to have the perfect cum catching face.

How To Be A Better Cum Catcher
We can fuck your face with a big bad cock and then command you to blow your little loser load all over your face as we laugh at you.

Becky and Tiffani Bully You into Cocksucking and Cum Swallowing
You love fucking your ass and eating your cum, only youre so ashamed about it.

Ass Fuck Cum Eat Therapy
Remember that shot glass filled with your own cum from yesterday? Go get it before we start training!

Training my Cum Eating Bitch
I will sensually coax all your cum from your balls, but you must follow my instructions.

Right in Your Mouth
I instruct u to jerk your dick for Me and count u down to cum...

Dirty Instructions
When you are out sucking cock for me I want you to be the best faggot possible.

Practice Your Cock Sucking Face
Time for another fun game, pervert! Get out 3 different sized buttplugs and lots of lube! You're in for a nice treat!

Plugged CEI Game
Go on, cum in your hand for me and then eat it up for me slut. I know you don't want to but it's either that or I expose you.

Eat Your Cum Or I'll Expose You

So look - they filled all these condoms and my girlfriend and I thought it would be fun if you took the taste challenge to try to work out whose cum is whose.

Spoon of Cum Challenge
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