Lucky for you, I am going to walk you through your first time eating your jizz. From now on, you'll be licking up your load every time you jerk it.

Time To Eat It
I want cum on your face, in your mouth, and down your throat. I know how much this turns you on. Keep jerking, and when you’re ready to cum, I want you to cum in the cup again and then drink it all down!

Suck Your Own Cum Off Of A Lollipop
Ada Black celebrates her birthday by stroking her cock, cumming on a cake, and then eating that cake.

Celebrates Her Birthday
I will have you on your knees begging to suck a hard dick just for me! I make you lick up and swallow your own cum from your own hands to prove it just how thirsty you are. You will be thanking me for the privilege.

Suck Cock For Me - Forced Bi
Mistress Midori jerks him rigorously and laughs as she shoots it straight down the hatch... SWALLOW EVERY LAST DROP! She even makes him lick the tip clean.

Wet Food
Swallow your own cum for me, you dirty jerk!

Jerk-Off and Eat Your Own Cum, Loser!
We know the thought of lapping up your own load may disgust you, but after our powerful hip-notyc tricks, you will be lapping it up without hesitation, and you will enjoy it.

HypnErotica: Cum Training
I will tease you until I capture your all senses so you can easily slurp your own spurt for Me, because I demand it and because you are compelled to please Me and satisfy My wishes.

Cum Slurping Victim
There are some places you are allowed to be when you jack off, and some places you are not. But Mistress Mya stands firm on one rule in particular right now.

CEI Sheet Sucker
Revenge for a friend. Talk about a spanking you would give and have him eat his cum for the final humiliation.

Spanking CEI Torture
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