You would do just about anything, anything to get your nose pressed against the inside of My stinky heel. Absolutely any humiliating task I'd throw at you, you'd just at the chance to attempt it just to bow down and sniff these heels. Like putty in My hands... you're already melting right now.

Heel Sniffer Cum Licker
Trick Or Treat? Start jerking your cock, and Princess Lexi will decide your fate. Will you get tricked and be forced to ruin your orgasm? Or will you get the treat? The treat, of course is eating your own cum!

Trick Or Treat - Ruined Orgasm Or CEI?

Watch this on the off chance that you managed to trick some poor unsuspecting girl into going on a date with you. Since I don't think any woman should have to endure wasting her time on you, I have found yet another creative way to sabotage your date, but this clip can be used for your general daily humiliation needs.

Cum Breath

Charlie Z has asked you to come back after class so she can discuss an explicit assignment that you've handed in. Firstly, it's very sexual and she's a little shocked at some of the content. One thing that stood out the most was the part about, cum eating.

Cum Eating Class

Today I`m going to tease you with my beautiful, sensual body. I want you to jerk-off as you watch me roll around in bed flaunting my perfect tits and hot, wet pussy. Stroke yourself harder and faster, but don`t you dare think about cumming without my permission.

Prove Your Loyalty to Me!

Did you eat your own cum today like I told you to? I know you tell me how much you hate it. You talk about how degrading and disgusting it is when I make you do it ALL THE TIME. All that being said you keep coming back asking what I want from you and you already know what Im going to say. Its like you secretly like it or something. I think you even get turned on when I talk about it. I WANT YOU TO EAT YOUR CUM and EAT IT EVERYDAY.

You've Got Cum Breath Again
This Clip is not for boys who simply like dick from time to time. This clip is for advanced sissy sluts who are ready to ASSimilate themselves into complete mindlessness. Are you a good little cum towel?

Total ASSimilation
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