you know how you always talk about wanting to eat your own cum after jerking that dick of yours to me, but then you chicken out last minute?

Tasty Cum Guzzler
you've always been curious about what it would be like. What it would taste like.

Countdown to Cum Consumption
I know your disgusting, perverted little habit. I know you just love the taste of your own cum.

Cum and Piss Drinking Humiliation
So you're curious and nervous about tasting your own cum. You don't want someone yelling at you and telling you that you have to eat it.

Cum Eating for 1st Timers
I allow you to cum, but not without a certain ultimatum. Which will you choose? Mwahahahhaa...

Blue Balled into the new year - week 3 - PERMISSION TO RELEASE (CEI????)
To complete your second lesson and move on you must cum on command with your ass stuffed, stroking yourself for your irresistible instructor.

Orgasm Tutor
This clip is designed for first time cum eaters as well as seasoned cum connoisseurs.

A CEI Predicament
You're my guy friend and we're just hanging out talking at my place. I'm pretty sexually open and I suddenly bring up cum eating.

Convincing You to Cum in Your Mouth
Oh cucky do I have a treat for you today. Alpha and I just finished fucking and it was AMAZING!

A Treat For Cucky
You love watching CEI porn videos, but whenever it gets to the point when you're supposed to actually taste your cum, you always chicken out.

Don't Be A Pussy
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