You are ready to do some nasty things for a perfect Goddess. Today you will have a hot self facial. I am in control and you follow all my instructions. You are just a mindless wanker. You will shoot your load all over your face and in your mouth of course. You are my obedient cum slut. Just a pathetic loser who eats his cum. Jerk that cock for me.

Self Facial Cum
My little loser, I have quite a homework assignment for you. You are going to pay for your chronic masturbation habit. For this assignment, you are going to need a standard ice cube tray. You will have 3 days total to complete this assignment.

Cum Guzzling Homework Assignment
You're a cum eating instruction fetishist, who has never tasted his own cum. Whenever you watch these clips, your brain gets in the way. What will it taste like, feel like, how will you feel afterwards? So we're going to distract it today, by playing fast and dirty. Your mind has no time for logical thoughts to creep in when your cock is throbbing to my tiny shiny bikini tits being pushed in your face.

Fast and Dirty CEI
Since you’re looking at this video description, I know how much of a turn on it would be to hear me give you some cum eating tasks that’ll make you burn!

Cum Eating Games
You're ready for another round of cum eating instructions from Miss Red Rabbit, aren't you? Well let's do it my way. I want you stroking in a way that ensures every last one of your fingers gets coated in sticky, warm seed because you're going to suck them all one at a time until they're clean!

Finger Food

You're scared. You want to do it so bad. You want to ruin yourself for me, disgrace yourself, humiliate yourself, desecrate yourself. I will guide you gently into self destruction. The first step is to start stroking.

First Time Cum Eating
This is Luke's first time to eat his cum, but I acknowledge everyone can join in as well. I like to seduce and use the time wisely to explain why eating cum isn't as bad as you think. I want you to feel comfortable and excited to do it, not nervous. I'm going to show you exactly how I want it done. The easiest way possible and and do it with you. I want you to cum into your hand and lick it off... every last drop for me.

Eat Your Cum for the First Time
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