You will need a dice for this video. There are 6 ways in which I want you to clean up after you jerk off.

Foxxy's Jerk Off and Cum Clean up *custom clip*

This clip can be used for Alpha Males that wanna see a pornstar beg for cum… or a Beta Male that wants to learn how to beg for cum on their loser, pimped out faces.

How To Beg For Cum
You do so many dumb things when you're on ! you're going to do something especially dumb for Me today and eat your cum for Me!

Manipulated Intox CEI
30 days of your favorite meal is easy. You want to take the challenge and see what I have in store for you.

One Month of CEI
I have a hilarious cum-eating challenge for you today.

Eat Cum When You See A Hottie
Jerking off has gotten boring - but not with my encouragement.

Cum Harder JOI CEI
This little game is called I say you do. There’s only one rule: You do whatever Princess says.

I Say You Do
I'll be honest.. I really love making you eat your cum.

Swallow Every Drop
There is only so much I can do for my slaves. I take the time out of my day to give you the relief youve been craving.

Comsume Your Cum
Hello Goddess Cherry Torn, You are so beautiful please make me a custom video I need to worship your perfect ass and tits, you sit on my naughty face and grind your hot ass on my eager tongue.

Edging Games - Countdown to Misery
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