Massage it faster and faster and you can cum in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 CUM for us! Oh yea all over now comes the humiliating part - lick it up! Lick it ALL up.

Rub it out and eat it up
This is a very sensual, humiliation-free CEI for those who need a lighter touch.

Sweet CEI

You are a loser reject. Say it. "I am a loser reject." I want you to say this as you are jerking off. And I want you to put your legs up so that your loser dick is near your face and when you cum, I want you to cum all over your pathetic loser reject face. Because that's what you deserve. C'mon loser, make a mess on that ugly face of yours.

Loser Reject Facial – Taste Your Fucking Shame
Now, what have you come in to see me about? Ah, Okay. So let me ask a few questions and we'll get into why you came to see me.

Doctor Says Gargle - CEI
I look stunning in my black satin and white lace lingerie, and that's only one of the tools I use against you in my quest to get a load all over your face.

You Still Can't Help Yourself
You next humiliating assingment is to eat your own cum.

Cum Eating Assignment
You are just going to stroke and stroke and stroke until you explode everywhere.... everywhere being your face, ofcourse!

Cum on Your Face!
C'mon sissy loser, spit that load out all over your face and into your mouth. Swallow your cum, my little whore. Be slutty for your Goddess.

Brainless Sissy Cum Facial
Oh yea that felt so good and you have nowhere to put all that cum? Eat it. Eat it NOW for me!

Jerk it, eat it and love it
Mmm yea keep on jacking it and give me your cum! Blow that hot steamy load all over my stomach and then lick it up!

Caught you in the act of eating cum
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