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Princess Missy Bullies You into Giving Yourself a Sissy Facial
Now you'll be addicted to your own cum, forever.

Do It For Me
A Valentine's clip for my cum eating addicts. Unlike most men you'll be spending tonight alone swallowing your own load (like normal).

Valentine's Cum Eating Task
I know you love eating your own cum especially when I tease and instruct you.

You disgusting pervs sit there and jerk off to My videos all the time. Do you ask for permission or pay your cum tax?

Cum guzzling punishment perv!
I love the idea of all you little whores out there, slurping up your own jizz for Me, I think it's great!

Shut Up And Eat It
It's true. I want to help you eat your own cum.

Cum Eating Help
Man, do I love forcing you to cum on your face. This isn't a cum eating fantasy, this is true cum SOAKING instruction.

Forced Cum Facial
This clip is best enjoyed if you jerk off BEFORE watching it and save your cum in a glass, on a plate, whatever.

Eat My Boyfriends Cum
Here you are just in time, thought you were going to see some action did you?

This Used Condom Is For You
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