He goons for them. He is desperate to cum. He is forced to cum onto a paper plate that he is then forced to lick up.

JOI Humiliation and Cum Eating
I am going to make you arch your hips, pry open your pretty little mouth, and make you face the truth about yourself.

Goddess Alexis Face-Fucks You and Gives You a Sissy Facial
You can tell yourself you are not gay, this woman couldn't possibly have a dick. Well she does. I bet you don't even care.

Shemale Cock Stroker
Hey little bitch, I know your cum eating secret.

Eat it or Else!

Watch and listen as Destiny Childs teaches you how to eat your cum. She well explain the fine art of it and how much doing it turns on women.

Learn to eat your cum
Bratty Seduction To CEI

Andrew's Custom Clip - masturbation instruction along the lines of your clip "mug shot" (you looked really good), this time with swallow.
Then again, we don't blame you… we knew you wouldn't be able to resist jerking and slurping for us!

Jerk & Slurp For Bunny And Lyne
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