I knew you would be back. I have a treat for you today. I know you are not gay and that you want to fuck me and not other guys or anything. To be honest, I don’t care though.

Your going to Swallow for me!
You can't get enough of jerking your cock, but do you know what feels even better than your hand? Your mouth. Today I'm going to teach you the ultimate form of self stimulation: autofellatio. Do some stretches, take a deep breath, and get ready for an intense self-sucking lesson.

Suck Your Own Cock
It doesn't matter where you are, or who you are with, if I decide I want you to eat your cum you will drop whatever you are doing and say "Yes Princess, I am ready to eat my cum!"

Sneak Away And Eat Your Cum
So, you like to eat your cum from time to time? Gets you excited to swallow your load for me doesn’t it, my little cum eating junkie?

Down the Hatch

Added: 1/8/18
Watch as I mesmerize this poor fool, Aaron. I turn him into my puppet by talking to him slowly and persuasively while playfully teasing him my hair. I can get him to so whatever I want. He is completely under my control as he stares into my eyes.

Aarons Hypnosis CEI 2
You want to stroke for your Princess? Dirty slave. You don't deserve to.

Slurp It Down
I want you to stroke and pump and edge. I want you to grow weaker, more and more stupid. But most of all, I want you to humiliate yourself for me. Get that inferior dick nice and hard. Pay attention to that sensitive tip, and then stroke while you pump your hips into your hand pussy.

Legs Over The Head And Spray Your Face, This Is What You Deserve

Added: 3/15/18
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