Little do you know that Mina is a master at seduction, manipulation, and mind control, and soon you will convinced of being her cum eating dumpster whore!

Manipulated To Crave Cum
You love eating your cum for Goddess Canna don't you? You can't even enjoy your orgasm without swallowing after.

Cum eating fag for Goddess Canna
You cum in a glass, and I make you eat it.

Jerk It Hard & Eat Your Cum
You are allowed to jerk off & cum per the instructions of Miss Maya Sinstress. But, the reward of coming will not come easy.

Jerk off for me & Eat it!
I overlay my entrancing eyes with the commands to love and desire the taste of your own cum.

Cum Addiction
I'll even show you how to milk a cock and swallow a load, then clean up your mess afterwards.

Cock Sucker Training and CEI for Sissy Sluts
Well let me tease that cum right out of you! I have on my favorite sweater and of course I don't have any panties on or a bra.

Balls TOO full? I have THE Solution!
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