I love watching you jerk it so much that I can't stop rubbing myself through my tight little panties! Are you as ready to shoot your fiftieth load for me as I am to watch it go right back down your throat?

Cum Eating Instruction - Drinking 50 Loads

Dragon Lily and Teri Weigel and Dia Zerba - 3 Bitches Tapout & Cum In Your Own Mouth
Faster, get yourself right to the edge, then roll over on your back and get your cock as close to your face as possible. Now continue jerking with your mouth wide open. Jerk it in your face loser, and just as you're about to cum, Let Go! Do not touch your cock! Let it all dribble out. All of it. On your face and in your mouth. You just gave yourself a ruined facial! You fucking idiot! Eat it all up now, all of it. And thank me, thank me for doing this to you loser. You sick cum guzzler.

Ruined Facial
You're going to do a little something for Lady O. You're going to stroke it until you cum, and get a load popped into your own mouth!

You Need To Eat Your Cum For Mistress O
Dirty boys like you only deserve to jerk if you're going to clean up after. I have something in mind for you today, my naughty stroke slave.

Laceys Little Slut
Your only source of protein is gonna be steamy, skanky, gooey-hot male cum down your throat. You'll have to suck dick or starve! To start you can beg us to masturbate our boyfriends into your mouth...

Bikini Bitches Becky and Tiffani Put You on a Dick-Sucking Diet
Lap it up, enjoy it. Lick it up off of your hand, suck it off of your fingers, drink it all down and enjoy every drop. It tastes good on your tongue, it feels good going down your throat.

First Time CEI – Hypnotic Brain Melt
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