You want to rub your crotch and pump your little pecker to me?

Your Boss Selena Commands You to Lick up Your Worship Puddle
You are here to do as I demand, to jerk on command and fill your slutty mouth with your own cum.

Slurp it all up for ME
You're a cuckie. It's time to face the facts.

Calling Out The Cuck
This is one of my new favorite CEI clips! It's great for beginners and advanced cum lovers alike.

Sensory Overload CEI

I have many clips for cum eating virgins and cum eating beginners, but this clip is for the veterans and cum connoisseurs.

Advanced CEI
Then you can watch me squirt all over and we can lick it up!

Self Facial

It is, what it is. Yet another disgusting way for you to eat your own cum.

Snowball CEI
Selena finds out you have a date. So she slips on her sexy black gloves and coaxes you into choking out a worship puddle - into the palm of her sadistic hands!

You Are Humiliatrix Princess Selena's Bitch-Slapped, Cum-Caked Little Choker
It's bathing suit season and I see you checking me out, pervert. Why don't you come over here and do what it is you want to do anyway?

CEI Challenge: July - Lick it up Pervert
You've had that chastity cage on for SO long now! Today is your birthday and as a special treat, I let you take it off.

A Special Treat For Birthday Boys
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