You have cock in your mouth and I'm just laughing at you and you love it. Suck that cock. Accept it into your mouth.

Cock Sucking Faggot Brainfucked By A Pigtailed Brat
You'll use your cum tube to suck down every drop of jizz into your mouth for me!Creative come eating is my specialty.

Cum Tube
Watch as I jerk my beautiful cock, follow me...jerk with me. Stroke in your face.

Good To The Last Drop
I tell you to stroke and I get you all worked up and desperate to cum...but you can not cum again until you EAT YOUR CUM

Cuck Cum Eating Instruction
I know - how about when you blow your load from jerking and staring at this gorgeous butt, you eat it for Me? Yes, eat it.

Butthole Brainwash
Don't worry I will give you a little extra motivation for you to drool over as you work out a big tasty load for my entertainment.

Cum Eating Seduction

Bound To Cum On Your Own Face
I'm going to give you some difficult edging instructions along the way, mixed with my irresistible teasing.

The Double Bind
Then get ready to ruin your orgasm and get your cum on the heel just to lick it back off!! :)

Suck My Heels Eat Your Cum
I will instruct you through a series of scandalous maneuvers reserved for the filthiest of cum-guzzlers, using your reserved semen from the prior lesson.

Lesson 4, Advanced Cum Eating Academy - Cum Play Extravaganza
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